Allergeen recalls

Allergeen recalls kosten veel tijd en energie, dit wil iedereen voorkomen. Stichting SimplyOK ontwikkelde een certificeringssysteem, om het allergenenmanagementsysteem van de exploitant van het levensmiddelenbedrijf te controleren....Lees meer >>

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Nearby Infra Red technique is used for a quick determination of several nutritional compounds in feed and food samples.  Nutrilab uses a Diode Array detection system that has major advantages compared to older technologies such as scanning monochromators or filters.

With diode array technology all wavelengths are measured simultaneously, as each wavelength has a dedicated detector. Using scanning monochromator technology, the spectrum is collected one wavelength at the time, and if the sample moves the picture will be blurred.

The used calibration lines are made by Nutrilab and the lines are based on standard chemical analysis as used in our laboratory.

Due to the making of calibration lines Nutrilab has a collaboration with Perten Instruments Benelux for providing their clients with the right calibration lines.

NIR Analyse system