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Ik ben afgelopen jaar verschillende keren in India geweest. Ik kwam er ook in productiebedrijven; zoals een fabriek waar een traditionele zoete lekkernij ‘Ladoo’ wordt gemaakt. Van (kikkererwten)meel, vaak verschillende...Lees meer >>

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Microbiological analysis

We have a fully equipped laboratory and can provide a large ranges of microbiological testing services.

- Total plate count
- Bacillus cereus
- Campylobacter
- Clostridium perfringens
- Coliforms
- Enterobacteriaceae
- Entrococcus
- E.coli
- E.coli O157
- Yeasts and moulds
- Moulds
- Salmonella
- Genotyping of Salmonella
- Listeria
- Staphylococcus
- etc.


Environmental factors can have a major impact on the production and sustainability of feed and food products. In order to demonstrate the effects on your products, we can help you with this.

Water microbiology

- Total plate count
- Coliforms
- E.coli
- Entrococci
- Clearness, Taste, Smell


- Swabs
- Contact plates


- Static air sampling
- Dynamic air sampling

Challenge Tests and Shelf life

Shelf life and food safety are determined by performing shelf life tests. There are two options to do this, one is to have the microorganisms that are naturally present in your products grow to levels that are just acceptable for consumption and calculate a shelf life from that. The other method is to deliberately put organisms in the product and see how these survive, or grow (challenge test).

We can also exposed the product to controlled conditions (eg certain temperature or humidity) to investigate the effects on the product under these circumstances.