Acrylamide bij nutrilab geaccrediteerd Nutrilab breid haar scope uit

Eind januari is de scope van de ISO 17025 accreditatie van Nutrilab uitgebreid. Vanaf 29 januari voert Nutrilab acrylamide onder accreditatie uit.  Dit zal op het certificaat tot uiting komen door bij deze verrichting een Q te...Lees meer >>

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Nutrilab is ISO 17025 certified for the analysis of allergens in food subject to EU regulation 1169/2011. It provides additional support within your allergen risk management program. nov 21,2017 | Nutrilab Allergen Food Testing

We are proud of the result achieved! Nutrilab is the market leader in the analysis of gluten, soya, milk, peanuts, mustard, egg, almonds, hazelnut, casein, B-lactoglobulin, seller, sesam, fish and even more in nutrients, foods and raw materials. The analysis of allergens in foods is done using Elisa or PCR. Extracting a correct analysis of allergens from the large diversity of foods is an enormous challenge. Nutrilab has extensive experience in the analysis of allergens in biscuits, bakery products, sweets, beer, chocolate, herbs & spices, dairy products, cheese, eggnog, tea, soy sauces, ice cream, bread and anything else that is edible and sold in the supermarket. Because of our broad experience and knowledge we can optimally advise you regarding the risks in your production process and raw materials management within the larger issue of allergen management. Feel free to contact us without obligation for advice or for receiving a description of the scope of certified analysis of allergens.