Crossed grain keurmerk

Glutenvrije producten mogen wettelijk < 20 ppm gluten bevatten. Er zijn verschillende glutenvrji logo's beschikbaar. Een van de logo's is het crossed grain logo. De Nederlandse coeliakie vereneging heeft een vlog gemaakt om...Lees meer >>

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Nutrilab across borders with reporting in the French and German language nov 13,2015 |

Nutrilab integrated the French language and German language integrated in its LIMS. Our customers are increasingly asking for reports in a language other than Dutch. Much Feed and Food companies trade across borders. This includes another language. Nutrilab develops in this field. In addition, the customer base of Nutrilab grows outside the Netherlands. Reporting in English has long been possible because we have worldwide clients. When sending samples to Nutrilab please indicate this on the order form or send an email to