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Glutenvrije producten mogen wettelijk < 20 ppm gluten bevatten. Er zijn verschillende glutenvrji logo's beschikbaar. Een van de logo's is het crossed grain logo. De Nederlandse coeliakie vereneging heeft een vlog gemaakt om...Lees meer >>

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FAVV Recognition for Nutrilab jan 22,2018 | Nutrilab now has sure footing in Belgium

Since 15 January 2018, Nutrilab has been part of a network of laboratories recognised by the Federaal Agentschap voor de veiligheid van de voedselketen (FAVV - Federal Agency for safety in the food supply chain), the Belgian counterpart of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

Only 50 of these recognised laboratories are foreign partner laboratories. The FAVV entrusts analyses to external laboratories on its own behalf. Nutrilab BV is proud to join the ranks of these 50 labs.

"It has been a long process with a wonderful end result," says Pieter Vos, director of Nutrilab. "We meet all of the requirements set by the FAVV and can now operate in the Belgian market. Dutch businesses that we have associated with for years can now bring the analyses from their Belgian locations to us as well. Many clients are already thankfully taking advantage of that. Furthermore, the Belgian market is now open to us and this offers enormous growth potential for our business." 

Thanks to this recognition, Nutrilab now has sure footing in Belgium and is included in the list of recognised laboratories on the FAVV website. This is a wonderful start to 2018.