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Ik ben afgelopen jaar verschillende keren in India geweest. Ik kwam er ook in productiebedrijven; zoals een fabriek waar een traditionele zoete lekkernij ‘Ladoo’ wordt gemaakt. Van (kikkererwten)meel, vaak verschillende...Lees meer >>

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Discovering India apr 12,2018 |

In 2017, Nutrilab requested and received approval for an investment preparation according to the DHI regulations, from the RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland – the Netherlands Enterprise Agency). Investment projects in developing countries generate work opportunities and knowledge transfer. In part because of this, the ministry of Foreign Affairs supports these projects in growth markets. Nutrilab is now investigating the possibilities in India.

The existence of a laboratory depends on three factors: a government that imposes conditions on food safety and the nutritional value of products, a controlling authority that supervises food-producing companies, and companies that wish to outsource laboratory analyses. These three factors are present in India.

India is a fast-growing market. One of our customers, Schouten Europe, is already active in the Indonesian and Indian markets with its vegetarian products. In this market, there appears to be a great need for the ability to perform analyses. Currently, we are doing an onsite investigation regarding which region would be best suited to open a laboratory.